Coffee Roaster Tostabar Genius K1

Thanks to coffee roaster TOSTABAR GENIUS k1, roasting your own coffee is easy and economical.

It roasts perfectly, constantly and economically with only 3.5kW.

Coffee Roaster
Tostabar Genius K1

With the coffee roaster TOSTABAR GENIUS k1, roasting your own coffee is easy and economical.

Of up to 70% when you roast your own coffee.

The smell of roasting beans will disperse, tantalising and attracting customers from afar.

Different blends to suit your clients, freshly roasted for maximum enjoyment.

Higher profits
Selling freshly roasted beans for take home will increase sales and profits.

Brand recognition
Being able to smell the beans roasting will create a sensory brand association which distinguishes you from all the others within the market.


Coffee Roaster Tostabar Genius k1

The only machine in the world able to roast coffee perfectly, automatically and constantly with only 3.5kW

Tostabar Genius k1 is equipped with a patented electronic controller, that auto adjusts the amount of heat necessary to roast the beans perfectly and consistently.

Tostabar Genius k1 is reliable. It can work uninterruptedly 24 hours a day. At the end of a roast, while the beans are being cooled, it is possible to immediately start another roast cycle without a pause.

Tostabar Genius k1 is completely automatic; at the end of the roast cycle, the roasted beans are released and cooled without the intervention of the operator. The husks are automatically collected in a special drawer.


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