What differentiates Mokaffé from other wholesale coffee business in the industry is our years of experience in owning & operating restaurants and cafes. All of which have been successful.

If you are thinking of opening a food or coffee outlet, we can provide invaluable insight that may assist you greatly. We understand that every product choice you make will determine the success of your outlet. We have developed an understanding of different customer preferences both from the food & coffee side.


Wholesale coffee beans

As a local specialised small batch roaster we are in a unique position to offer your business  the distinct advantage of having your own label.

We will work with you to select and carefully blend coffee beans with the flavour profiles which best suits your needs. Alternatively, we have several different blends to suit various coffee styles.

We look forward to discussing your requirements with you and finding the perfect coffee blend for your business.


Coffee Roasters for Cafes

With the coffee market sector growing bigger with each passing day, consumers are becoming more educated as to what constitutes a great cup of coffee. The 2 most common answers we've heard are “locally roasted & freshness”.

With our latest addition; the Toastabar Genius k1, you have the flexibility to roast your own signature blend, as well as roasting blends or flavours of the week/month.

As customers step into your outlet, the smell of the beans being roasted combined with the visual impact will create a memorable coffee experience which will be a talking point among friends.

Contact us for a demonstration.                         Financing available through Silver Chef.


Simply Superior Coffe Machines

To obtain a perfect espresso and to further emphasise the characteristics of a coffee roasted with the Tostabar, Ing. Napoli created the Simply Superior REGINA.

By the use of time tested technology and extremely robust components, a high level of reliability is insured. This reliability is further enhanced by not relying delicate pumps and complicated electronic circuits.

Build with over half century of experience, the Regina will perform constantly even under the most intense professional conditions.


Arkadia & Teisseire

We have had great success with the Arkadia chai powder & drinking chocolates. The 40% cocoa content makes a far superior hot chocolate at a reasonable cost. The latest products are Cocoa & Coconut Blossom and Cocoa & Panela, both with 56% cocoa content.

Arkadia frappe powder is easy to use and makes a great base for fruit & power protein smoothies, giving you the option of adding milk or just water.

Look at our product page for the different flavours of syrups, chocolate & frappe.



Feel free to call us just for a chat if you're still unsure which product best suits your needs.