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Mokaffe's Story

Mokaffe’s story started in 2012, with a strong focus on ensuring Perth’s local coffee producers were provided with a premium coffee, roasted locally, to encapsulate the most delicious go-to cup possible.

Based in Mount Hawthorn, the passion lies with owners, Richard and Debra, to collaborate with local coffee producers, to bring the best beans to your cup.

Their aim is to meet the individual needs of Perth’s local coffee suppliers, to ensure their customers are met with the best possible cup of liquid gold when ordering their coffee.

Mokaffe's Coffee Approach

We source only premium quality green coffee beans. The beans are harvested ethically from farms that use agriculturally sustainable and socially responsible practices.

The majority of our beans are from Ethiopia. A country renowned for producing some of the best coffee beans in the world. Ethiopian beans are full-bodied, giving a strong, pleasing, and tasty mouthfeel.

Our beans are sourced from farms at high altitudes where the beans are naturally grown without fertilisers and without non-natural irrigation.

Quality control is provided by a dedicated team that monitors the growing, processing and shipping.

Mokaffe's Roastery

Mokaffe’s sustainably sourced Ethiopian green beans, are turned into our rich, full-flavoured beans by our perfected roasting techniques, and can be made in collaboration with you, should this be a requirement. 

Our café is in Mount Hawthorn where we also do small-batch experimental roasting. Our main roastery is in Wangara and works to create the same roasting outcomes as our experimental small-batch roasting in-house.

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