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Why Coffee Roast with Mokaffe

Why Coffee Roast with Mokaffe

Mokaffe is a specialty small-batch coffee bean roaster, based in Perth, Western Australia. We ethically source the majority of our coffee beans from Ethiopia and can work closely with you to create your own signature blend, resulting in a coffee roast full of flavour that reflects the vision for your cafe. We roast your coffee beans in small batches on site in Mount Hawthorn and in our large-scale coffee bean roasting facility in Wangara.

From the coffee fields in Ethiopia to the coffee bean roastery in Mount Hawthorn, and subsequently to your cafe and into the cup, we will ensure that each step of the growing, coffee bean roasting and serving journey is crystal clear. Our focus has and always will be on the provision of high-quality beans, ensuring consistency and freshness with every coffee bean roast.


Ongoing Café Support

Aside from supply of your equipment needs and roasted coffee beans, we are 100% invested in the success of your cafe. Our aim is to see you succeed in reaching your target turnover, hence we will always be available to offer any guidance or answer any queries you may have along the way. Having background in owning restaurants & cafes, we understand all of the daily pressures in owning a business and are here to support you in any way we can in terms of obtaining your complete satisfaction with the equipment & roasted coffee beans supplied.

Equipment & Servicing

We are dedicated to the provision of exceptional roasted coffee beans, but as our customers, your satisfaction is our priority. We can provide all the necessary equipment, free of charge (please see our terms), initial basic training for your baristas on machine & grinder maintenance to ensure a consistent cup of brew. Alongside that, we can package your customised coffee beans, roasted to your specifications to sell in-store for your clients to take home.

The size of your business is not an issue for Mokaffe. As a small-batch coffee bean roaster, we have the advantage of being able to work alongside you to meet your specific bean flavour profiles to suit your cafe or restaurant. Should your requirements fall to a larger scale, we can also provide large-batch coffee roasting in Wangara.

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