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Mokaffe’s aim is to provide an ultimate level of service to assist you with acquiring and maintaining your coffee-brewing equipment. Supplying only the most reliable machines, it is our promise that we will continue to assist you with the management of your state-of-the-art equipment. 

We offer all necessary spare parts to ensure your machine is up and running efficiently for your café. You never need to stress that your machine will not be functioning.

In addition, we can provide you with a number of machine design options, including colours, wooden handles & accent personalisations. Just discuss your vision with us!

Only providing the best, we want to ensure that you never feel alone when setting up, utilising and maintaining your brewing equipment. We will closely guide you through the set-up and you will always have direct contact with us if and when needed, to ensure a smooth progression throughout your coffee brewing process.

For all equipment enquiries, please contact Richard on 0400 982 998 or via email richard@mokaffe.com.au. For spare parts, please email info@mokaffe.com.au



A group of coffee artisans launched an idea in 1969 to create a simply outstanding coffee machine that created the penultimate cup of coffee for their consumers. This idea has now transformed and resulted in the largest coffee machine factory in the world, based in Italy.

From it’s humble beginnings and the first coffee machine ever produced by Astoria, their present technological improvement has been truly astounding. Their machines now reach thousands of consumers in over 150 countries around the world.

Astoria is chosen for it’s ongoing reliability, impeccable design and acute attention to detail.


The model is available from 1 to 3 group in the semi-automatic (AEP) and electronic (SAE) version.

  • Body with thermoplastic composite side panels
  • Boiler and pipes made in copper
  • Double gauges for boiler and pump pressure control
  • Pilot light indicating the water level in the boiler
Standard features
  • Automatic water refill (A.W.R.)
  • Automatic hot water (SAE 2-3 Gr.)
  • One steam wand – one manual water dispenser (1 Gr.)
  • Two steam wands – one water dispenser controlled by push-button (2-3 Gr.)
  • Internal motor pump
  • Raised groups and raised cup grates
  • Cappuccino maker
  • Milk frothing wand
Available colours
  • Brilliant red/stainless steel
  • Glossy black/stainless steel

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Mazzer is well known for its ability to blend tradition with innovation, producing some of the worlds best professional coffee-grinders and grinder-dosers. Founded in the years between World War One and Two, the company’s Founder, Luigi Mazzer had a strong focus on highly specialised, precision mechanics as the grounding for seeking and creating the perfect coffee grinders and dosers.

Technology and innovation are the basis to Mazzer’s unique products. Their attention-to-detail guarantees maximum quality, durability and resultant reliability, the most important features of their products.


Inside and out, the Major V features many performance and styling upgrades. New sharper and compact design, precision machined components, metal accessories, and high-tech electronics

Keep grounds from getting on the counter ( ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE REDUCTION) while getting UNIFORM COFFEE GROUNDS in your portafilter with the innovative CFC System. CFC – Grind Flow Control consists of a removable aluminum outlet insert equipped with two interchangeable wire dampers (Anti Dust and Hybrid).

LOW RETENTION. Save coffee and time

No loss of grind settings with EASY TO CLEAN grinding chamber

User friendly MEMORY TRACK system to index grind setting. MORE PRECISE, wider grinding adjustment range

On-demand grinding can be EASILY ACTIVATED with the portafilter

DOUBLE FAN cooling system

ADJUSTABLE PORTAFILTER HOLDER. Grind hands-free and consistently center the flow of grinds in your basket

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